Wasim Mirza

Experienced Business Manager, Head of Development, & Chief Technology Officer

Hi, I’m Wasim Mirza

I have a heavy team focus, at both work & home. You’ll often catch me spending time with my family, going for walks in the park & playing games. Our time is precious, so please remember to invest it in your teams, relationships & family.

I learned this from an early lack of life balance from networking, studying project management, traveling for work, & conferences…Leadership at home is important for our children as emerging leaders, & to best support our partners.




Jan 2020 – May 2022 · 2 yrs 5 months

  • Led a global team of developers in managing over 20 projects simultaneously.
  • Successfully launched more than 50 products on Amazon for 10+ sellers, leveraging chatbots, review funnels, gift cards, and visa cards. Achieved remarkable results with the highest monthly spending of up to half a million dollars against revenue of $9 million in the first month of launch.
  • Conducted extensive research for new projects and spearheaded the development, design, and maintenance of four software products focused on repetitive sales. These products included review management, 3PL warehouse integration, e-commerce integrated gift plans, and chatbots.
  • Implemented an automation strategy to integrate two legacy systems with CRM, resulting in cost savings of $6,000 per month in licensing fees for the 3PL system integration.
  • Streamlined processes through SKUVault integration with CRM, automating inbound and outbound operations, daily live reporting, and eliminating manual data entry. This significantly reduced processing time and provided users with a user-friendly interface for managing inbound information within minutes.
  • Ensured timely service delivery by managing at least five active projects simultaneously and monitoring quality fulfillment. Prioritized customer satisfaction and maintained successful relationships with virtual teams and clients across various countries, including India, Philippines, Pakistan, USA, Ecuador, and Canada.
  • Implemented automation for client contracts using e-signatures, saving time and resources in contract management.
  • Conducted extensive research on integrating new technologies with CRM, such as Five9, e-signatures, sellertools, manychat, landbot, PHP sites, mindbody, MySQL, SKU Vault, and more.
  • Developed and executed e-commerce sales strategies for clients on multiple platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, and Amazon.
  • Conducted thorough research and implemented cost-effective integration solutions for client legacy systems using APIs, webhooks, and Zapier. Provided training to staff members for successful implementation and fulfillment of integration projects, resulting in significant cost savings.


Chief Technology Officer

Jun 2022 – Present · 1 yr 1 month


Oracle business intelligence



Jul 2016 – Present

Oracle Supply Chain Module / Sales and Distribution Module / Sales Force Automation




Mar 2014 – Present

Oracle incentive compensation



Mar 2017 – Aug 2017

Licenses & certifications

Marketing Analytics: Price and Promotion Analytics

Oracle Order Management TOD


Project Management PMBOK


Bridging Differences : The Art Of Creating Agreements


Key Account Management


Strategic Vision


edX Verified Certificate for Programming in R for Data Science


edX Verified Certificate for The Analytics Edge