~ About Me ~

Welcome, my Name is Waseem!
I have a heavy team focus, at both work & home. You’ll often catch me spending time with my family, going for walks in the park & playing games. Our time is precious, so please remember to invest it in your teams, relationships & family.

I learned this from an early lack of life balance from networking, studying project management, traveling for work, & conferences…Leadership at home is important for our children as emerging leaders, & to best support our partners.

My passions & curiosity usually have me looking for an edge in business, or strategy, while wanting to balance things best for the family that loves me so much! They are great! My wife is a homemaker, & she helps push me towards community engagement, & entertaining guests in our spare time. My daughter, Ayesha, helps me always remember to laugh, & think creatively, in new ways.

I lead with high empathy to best connect & help people win. Open door policy to those in need. We are currently in Columbia helping to support some great family. We’d love to have the best education for our daughter, so we’re seeking that in the American system, after much research.

I do my best work connecting the dots of metrics & relationships from the big picture, to make it happen!

I enjoy transformative work associated with Org Development, Tech Integration to support that vision, & enabling the KPI visibility to best steer the business as needed to meet & beat the targeted goals. Of what I loved most in my career, it has to be streamlining existing, & innovating legacy systems for Business Development & Value Stream expansion!

Please see my preferred styles, top drivers, & top talents to be trusted with from the ADVanced insights as featured above, certified by CCC.

My forte has always been Digital transformation of sales, supply chain, & distribution business’s. Those types of opportunity excite me the most. Only with visibility & steering for corrective action can Management drive change, & lead in Innovation.

Maximizers (From the Attribute Index:Seen In Featured Section:)

Teamwork or any group effort
Interpersonal communication
Practical Thinking
Understanding others
Planning and Organizing
Balancing performance and people needs with goal demands

My Genius Talents from the Attribute Index:
Concrete Organization (8.6)
Practical Thinking (8.6)
Respect For Property (8.6)
Status and Recognition (8.6)


Education & Credentials

Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology
EMBA, Finance and Marketing

Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur
BS Computer Science